I’ve had to be in bed way too many hours lately, and my creative bone is being forced to rest way more than seems natural.  I’ve been all over the web looking for super fun things to do with my kids this week since it’s spring break.  Of course, they’re now at my mom’s for a couple of days so that I can have surgery again today.  Indulge me while I show you (and provide links) to a few things I’d hoped to do this week that are creatively awesome!

Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 4.40.00 PM

Yes…these are cupcakes made in REAL egg shells!  And can I tell you how badly I wanted to make them this week?!  For the love….this is the most incredible Easter treat ever (next to a Cadbury cream egg of course!)  I’ll never forget when I was a kid getting what appeared to be a plain white hard-boiled egg in my Easter basket.  When I began to peel it though, inside the egg, injected in some super secret and amazing way, was chocolate!  That egg was solid chocolate…or solid gold…depending upon how you look at it!  So when i saw these cupcakes…imagine my delight.  Cake…in an egg.  Just plain awesome!


Or how about this happy little face shining up at you?!  Listen, I’m still not sure what the bunny has to do with Jesus’ Resurrection, but I think once I heard it’s some pagan nod to fertility or something.  Whatever irrelevance it has with the holiday is beyond me, but I’m not gonna stress about the bunny and why he matters.  He really doesn’t…but still, it’d be SO FUN to make this!  I mean, if I were staying at the Hilton Doubletree (which is where this picture originated) and they brought this to my kids on Easter morning, I can’t say with certainty that I wouldn’t ask for them to take my plain short stack back and amp it up a little…bring me back a bunny face too!



Or look what else I found. It’s no bunny…but still, a toasty brown bear is pretty stinking adorable!

I also had great intentions to let my kids paint some old frames and pop this awesome printable into them.  If you check out Willow of Wonder, she’s made this free printable available in other colors.


Pretty great huh?  I had plans to decorate my Easter table around them with some other flowers and random knick knacks.  Check out this cutie little floral arrangement I happened upon!  The site this is from was what appears to be a pretty phenomenally beautiful wedding. I wish I could have gone to it, but alas, I have no idea who Adrienne and Daniel are.  I think we’d be friends though.


This year, it looks like the reality of 2 folders of tax documents sitting in the middle of the dining room table will take center stage after all.  In 2013 though, I will have our Easter Egg Hunt again, and do a fabulous tablescape.   I will make cupcakes in egg shells with my kids, and bunny pancakes several times! For now, all dreaming aside, I must deal with reality, which isn’t nearly so pretty and cheery.  Even superman had cryptonite…we just can’t do everything all the time!  But if I could…wouldn’t all of these things be so much fun?!

Wish I could hug all of your necks!  Please pray for me today as I do have to go through another D&C around lunchtime.  Thanks friends!  Get out and do something fun today…for your kids…for you…for me!


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