Once when I was about 15, I remember going to the grocery store at the beach with my uncle.  For some reason he didn’t wear shoes, and I was mortified.  He told me though, that if he walked with authority into the store, that noone would even notice that he wasn’t wearing shoes.  I cringed the whole time thinking that the “no shirt, no SHOES, no service” sign was going to jump off the wall and not allow us to buy anything.  That never happened though, and not a soul in the place noticed that he was shoeless.  (Can I say how badly I just wanted to write…”Not a sole in the place” ….oh friends…pun intended…pun totally intended!)

Anyhow…My point is, that if you do just about anything with authority, you can get away with it!  Or…clothingly speaking, if you put an outfit together with a single piece that demands attention, then just wait and see what you can pull off!

*         *         *

I know you’re dying to know what that essential clothing item is in my opinion, so hop on over to the style blog, Together in 10, today to find out!  I’m a contributor over there and would love to have you join me!

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